UPChain has developed “UP Ex”, a crypto exchange platform that complements various problems of existing cryptocurrency exchanges by striving to develop a more efficient and professional exchange centered on blockchain experts and financial experts.

Unlike the existing exchanges, “UP Ex” has a thorough load balancing design and a reliable redundancy structure. Because of this, it effectively prevents system down due to overloading of the server, thereby increasing the stability of the system, and has professional monitoring tools to assist in system operation.

Also, WRP, XLM, EOS, etc., which are difficult to handle in small and medium-sized exchanges beyond the operation of large major cryptocurrency nodes such as BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. Through the know-how of installation and operation of various mainnets, it is possible to support all matters necessary for the operation of the exchange.

“UP Ex” has completed its verification in performance and stability by processing more than 1 billion transactions through UP Wallet (100% COLD WALLET), and applied the guidelines of the Financial Supervisory Service in the composition of the back-office to become more important than anything else. Protection of personal assets and personal information is a top priority. The above exchanges to which “UP Ex” is applied have no security issues such as hacking. However, UPChain is not satisfied with this and is improving through continuous update of UP Wallet.

Logical structure of system architecture

“UP Ex” has designated a server task force to construct a reasonable architecture and strive to operate a more stable exchange.
In order to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum investment, we introduced new technologies such as Fire Bases and Kafka to distribute the load and manage traffic effectively through Scale Out, thus constructing the optimal system architecture for the exchange operation.

Self-developed matching engine

Server real-time monitoring


Multiple blockchain experts

Thorough load balancing design

Sure redundancy structure

Experience of developing various types of cryptocurrency

Know-how for application of solutions in various environments

Optimal UI/UX composition ability

UP Ex Functions

“UP Matching Engine” with stable system structure optimized
for cryptocurrency exchanges

UPChain has developed its own matching engine optimized for “UP Ex” based on proven open source.
“UP Matching Engine” has a flexible structure for business change and proven performance to support efficient and fast speed, yet its price is lower than transaction matching system. In addition, by constructing a separate DB in the matching engine and processing verification, it supports stable operation that provides rollback and replay functions of selling and buying records even if other accidents occur other than server down.

Flexible structure & proven performance for business change

Relatively affordable
UP Ex matching engine

Reliable and efficient trading
and operation with rollback
and replay functions