UPChain has developed a “T3 system” that is one step ahead of the commercialization of the blockchain-based IoT, which complements the disadvantages of the existing IoT.

T3 System is designed for [poor network environment] unlike existing blockchain-based IoT.

It is a blockchain for microcomputer specialized in IoT developed by lightening and improving the existing blockchain, and immediately converting the information coming from IoT.

Therefore, it is possible to operate even in a very poor communication situation with the server, unlike the method that directly communicates with a high-performance blockchain server.

In addition, T3 System uses ultra-low-power sensor devices with a battery that lasts for more than 6 months and ultra-small block chain devices(Raspberry Pi) of about 200g, fresh logistics, dangerous goods management, construction and marine industries that require more thorough trust It is an industrial IoT blockchain suitable for the field.

The T3 System operates in low power and low network bands and is capable of processing large transactions of over 500 TPS per second. In addition, since it is based on a blockchain, it ensures the consistency of all recorded data, and because it uses ultra-low-power sensor devices and ultra-small blockchain devices, it is also economical. Also, the T3 System has the following main functions and features.

Instant and continuous data recording through the combination of microcomputer and IoT sensor.

500 TPS/sec transaction processing verification completed even in poor communication and computing environments.

Save communication cost by communicating only the information summarized by the set cycle.

Increased reliability through real-time monitoring of data received through the central blockchain.

High scalability that can be practically used in industrial sites.

Secure economic feasibility with relatively low cost

Stable data transmission and reception over long distances

Multi-network configuration eliminates shadow areas where wireless is not reachable.

The private multi-channel blockchain gives different rights to participation, transactions and audits.

T3 System introduction effect

Technical aspect

· Verify IoT convergence and business
feasibility of blockchain

Economic and industrial aspects

· high value-added SaaS service
· economic loss reduction
· quality control problem solving
· new industry creation

Social aspects

· creating high value-added workforce
· activating a virtuous cycle local economy
· excellent economic feasibility at
low introduction costs
· preventing safety accidents
· establishing a trust society
by expanding other industries
· enabling transparent industrial sites