Web System Development

UPChain Co., Ltd. has a consistent process from web development and service construction to operation maintenance. While strategic web business design is required, we are pursuing the best performance based on accumulated development and deployment experience through various projects with many companies and strive to provide an optimized system to clients.

The power of identifying the client’s requirements accurately and identifying various challenges early in the system development design phase to find a suitable solution is the strength of UPChain, which has been trained in numerous developments.

  • Main Development Platform
    LINUX, WINDOW, FreeBSD, Solaris, Android, IOS, Objective-C

  • Main Development Language
    JAVA / JSP, ACTIVEX, C/C++, C#, PHP, Perl, ASP, Ruby

  • Main Development Application

  • Main Development Database

  • Other
    Ajax, HTML5, XML, ActionScript, Flash, Sketch

App Service Development

In order to build a reliable mobile site, it is essential to accumulate information on devices as well as rich know-how and strong technology. UPChain proposes the optimal system for clients based on long experience and technology. In addition, we provide mobile SI through accumulated information, such as utilizing a standardized framework and carefully designed common modules, and introducing a knowledge management system to solve problems.

By combining the base system with the standard framework, the quality to be improved while reducing the code that has to be newly implemented. Moreover, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of system development, we are also performing Fit&Gap analysis based on the documents accumulated in the development process so far, reducing the lack of verification or the difference in specification recognition.

UPChain provides one-stop services from planning to design, development, and operation, such as building mobile sites, developing mobile apps, and developing web linkage systems.

We aim to implement a mobile site that reflects the “future of service” by considering not only the client’s requirements but also the business model from a long-term perspective.

Mobile strategy establishment

Requirements definition
Content planning production

Development and Construction

System building
Site building
Smartphone app development
PC site porting
Perica application

Operation and maintenance

system operation
CRM analysis
data analysis
security measures

System & Service Portfolio