Project Description

UNIST : Ulsan National University of Science and Technology Library

It was difficult to use because it had difficult and inconvenient UX and cross-browsing of the existing website, unresponsiveness to mobile, various system interlocking necessary for management, integrated search problem, and maintenance. In this project, we tried to solve these problems by synthesizing these problems by introducing an integrated search service, introducing CMS, linking ILS, improving responsive web-based UX, and interlocking CMS-based heterogeneous systems.

The user’s interest has increased with the provision of an easy-to-use UX that reflects the layout, menu, and navigation in consideration of user needs. In addition, by combining the user’s question ranking and complaints and reflecting them in the quality of service and importance of development, we have built a website that satisfies both the manager and the user.

  • System design and development and DB construction
  • ILS(Alma) and Discovery(Primo) integration
  • SSO and Lib Guide integration
  • Lib Answer and Tstory Blog construction
  • UI/UX planning and development