Project Description

Soop : LG SangNam Library Digital Platform

Beginning to build a system of ‘smart ecological culture service type’ that can directly share/deliver medium and long-term goals and visions of LG Sangnam Library, the best digital library in Korea, made the cornerstone of the next-generation digital library platform that continues to develop.

Since the service is expected to expand from plants to ecology and from Hwadam Forest to Korea, it is constructed with a flexible structure by reflecting it from the initial design, and composed of independent modules for each activity group to reflect the characteristics of the group. LG Sangnam Library presented a new library award by providing innovative new concept content services that deviated from the existing information service method by promoting new Soop services.

  • System design and development and DB construction
  • UI/UX planning and development

  • Drupal Portal

  • Gigapixel Repository

  • Gigapixel Viewer

  • Mobile App development