Project Description


ICT convergence technology developed to reduce the enormous failure rate that occurs in the design stage of the shipbuilding and offshore industry. We have built an overall management system. We have a platform and customized provision function that organically manages information generated between existing 3D CAD-based design tasks and automatically provides design verification and optimization information for each stage. This is a natural language processing technology that collects and provides unstructured data that is not included in the existing BOM and CAD drawings.

  • Artificial intelligence(AI)-based natural language analysis technology and engine development
  • Artificial intelligence(AI)-based shipbuilding and marine design verification platform establishment
  • Output information consistency and check technology development
  • System-based information provision tool development
  • Schedule segmentation by design activity And visualization technology development
  • business workflow visualization and system I/F technology development
  • project progress and issue monitoring and reporting technology development
  • heterogeneous system integration technology development using system I/F hub technology
  • 3D model handling and process management linkage technology Development
  • Integrated business system reflecting user UI/UX
  • Server infrastructure construction and system design
  • Web CRM part development and related API development
  • Project and product management