UPChain Co., Ltd. develops differentiated blockchain-based technology

with unique expertise and know-how to provide optimized solutions to clients.

UPChain is a specialized blockchain technology company composed of a blockchain developer and a high-end IT developer.

UnitePlug, the predecessor of UPChain, was founded in 2011 and developed various services and solutions. After the blockchain business was advanced, UPChain was established in 2018 as a blockchain specialized corporation. While developing mid-to-large size cryptocurrency exchanges, we have supported the development and operation of high-performance systems that are stable and scalable by size.

Through practical experience accumulated while developing cryptocurrency solutions, we are constantly striving to present blockchain solutions that can be experienced in real life.

In 2019, it was selected as a blockchain fostering project hosted by the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency and successfully demonstrated the application of the IoT blockchain to marine logistics.

In the future, we will further develop core technologies and services of blockchains with economic and industrial values ​​to grow into global leaders in the blockchain field.

UPChain CEO Mr.Ryu






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