UPChain developed UP Blockchain IoT by taking advantage of BIoT, a combination of IoT and blockchain.

UP BIoT (UP Blockchain IoT) is a blockchain that has been proven to operate even in poor network environments. It is specialized in food chains, construction and marine logistics chains, and has the following characteristics using Application Layer and Main-Net Blockchain Layer.

UP BIoT Business Model

BIoT (Blockchain + IoT), in which IoT devices operate as blockchain nodes, can be applied to various industries.

Data Management

Using blockchain to store and
manage data collected

by the Internet of Things

Audit: When storing the hash value
of the collected data on the blockchain,
the collected data by non-humans can
track and audit misuse such
as tampering or deletion.

Access control : The access authority policy
(Policy or Rule) for data can be stored on the
blockchain to be controlled so that only
the owner can access it.

Transaction Management

Utilizing blockchain to provide a
secure transaction environment
for data collected from IoT sensors
(transaction possible without a third party)

Application: Possible for an exercise-related
application provider to purchase data
from a fine dust information collection institution
and provide an optimal time for exercising.

Authentication management

The IoT stores the authentication keys
of devices to perform key management
such as registration, update, and revocation,
and can be verified through a blockchain
when authentication between IoT devices
is required.

High-value-added product management

Use of blockchain to store and
manage high-value-added product
production and delivery data.

Increase the value of products through proof
of quality control from production to delivery.

Management of important facilities

Utilization of blockchain for data
management such as inspection and risk management of important facilities.

Risk detection record with sensors
Record of emission of waste water
Preservation of inspection
and management records
Access control and recording
of dangerous goods management area

Construction and marine industry

Use of blockchain for construction
supervision or construction and marine information data management.

Construction supervision data record
Smart container integrated goods management
record Marine vessel information
Smart port

Industrial Blockchain : UP BIoT Portfolio