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lead the innovative value of the world.


UPChain Co., Ltd. provides the optimal blockchain solution suitable
for each business based on the integrated and in-depth IT engineering experience.

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Blockchain Consulting

We develop innovative technologies by combining blockchain experts with differentiated IT technologies. Unlike other companies, UPChain has many cases applied to the industry, and it is very capable of responding to rapidly changing blockchain industry issues and understanding blockchain trends.

  • Blockchain core development research
  • Blockchain service consulting
  • Blockchain DApp development
  • Blockchain based technology development

Industrial Blockchain : UP BIoT

BIoT, a blockchain-based Internet of things, is an industrial blockchain that has been proven to operate in poor network environments.It is specialized in various industries such as food chain, construction and marine logistics chain has various characteristics using application layer, main-net blockchain layer, and IoT-net blockchain layer.

  • Blockchain integrated solution that combines H/W and S/W
  • Blockchain module development in existing system
  • Blockchain-based Internet of Things: BIoT platform development
  • Industrial blockchain technology development

One-stop solution for Cryptocurrency

We develop cryptocurrencies and exchanges and various web/apps related to them, and provide optimal one-stop cryptocurrency solutions that provide all services at once, including consulting for each business area and customizing cryptocurrencies.

  • Cryptocurrency development
  • Cryptocurrency exchange development: UP Ex
  • Stand-alone cryptocurrency wallet solution: UP Wallet
  • Self-developed matching engine: UP Matching Engine

System/Service Development

Pursuing the best performance based on consistent process know-how and accumulated development experience from Web/App development, service construction, operation and maintenance for each business, and the optimal system as an IT partner for clients throughout the system development work provide.

  • Specification design tailored to client needs and optimal UI/UX
  • System and service planning and consulting with accumulated know-how
  • Optimal design and development according to development and construction experience
  • Provide total solution such as operation and maintenance

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