UPChain Co., Ltd. develops not only cryptocurrency but also various web and app related to cryptocurrency. In addition, we provide all services at once, including security-specific wallets, consulting for each business area, and customization of cryptocurrency.


Able to develop various cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.


Applicable in any environment such as Web, Mobile, App, and additional functions can be extended to existing wallets.


Secure asset storage through self-developed proprietary key management algorithm.


More stable operation with the support of blockchain experts and cryptocurrency expert groups.

White paper production consulting

The white paper is a document describing the connection between the cryptocurrency policy and the blockchain system and is a set of business plans.

UPChain consults on the production of white papers to meet client needs as much as possible with experts with diverse business experiences. Afterwards, we will proceed with the production of white papers more professionally through the construction of cryptocurrency economy by reflecting the cryptocurrency algorithm and marketing direction.

Cryptocurrency exchange system

The cryptocurrency exchange that collects and trades cryptocurrency developed for decentralization in one place has been a target of hackers, and the server has been frequently down, causing problems such as inconvenience in transactions. For this reason, UPChain developed “UP Ex”, a cryptocurrency exchange platform with the following characteristics, by supplementing the problems of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges to more efficiently develop a professional exchange centered on blockchain experts and financial experts.

Self-developed matching engine

Server real-time monitoring


Multiple blockchain experts

Thorough load balancing design

Sure redundancy structure

Experience of developing various types of cryptocurrencies

Know-how for application of solutions in various environments

Optimal UI/UX composition ability

Cryptocurrency and exchange portfolio