UPChain Co., Ltd. develops innovative technologies by integrating blockchain experts with differentiated IT technologies, and unlike other blockchain companies, it has many cases applied to industries (logistics, shipbuilding, construction, etc.) and the rapidly changing blockchain industry, it is very capable of responding to issues and grasping blockchain trends. In addition, we have deep understanding and know-how in various industries through various service and system development experiences in addition to blockchain technology, so we have excellent ability to match the appropriate series of technologies to clients based on consulting content.

Blockchain professional developer with more than 80% of company personnel

Know-how accumulated through numerous blockchain development experiences

Deep understanding
of various industries

Own professional
matching engine

Experience in launching
exchanges in various
software environments

Experience in developing
various types of

Optimized solution tailored
to customer needs

Blockchain Business Model

Provides a stable and secure transaction because it cannot be hacked or changed with the data forgery prevention technology based on the blockchain distributed computing technology. By utilizing transparency and security, which are the strengths of these blockchains, they are currently applied to various industries such as finance, investment, healthcare, logistics, distribution, and content.

Financial Transactions

Liquidation Payment
Overseas Remittance
Securities Transaction
Collective Investment
P2P Investment
Mortgage Loan
P2P Loan
Real Estate Platform and Self-Token
Resource Allocation and Transaction Business

Game item trading

game service provision
game asset trading
game community
game development infrastructure
NFT issuance and trading

Content Copyright Management

Content Sales
Content Evaluation
User Data Business
Advertising Publishing
Copyright Investment
Secondary Creation

P2P Energy Trading

Renewable Energy Investment
Green Action
Energy Substructure
Community Building
P2P Energy Trading
Micro Grid

Logistics tracking

container real-time location-
tracking IoT solution
container real-time logistics-
information management
cargo history data management

Medical data sharing

medical big data analysis
medical and health content sharing
pharmaceutical integrated-
infrastructure provision

Blockchain Portfolio